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Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors is a premier provider of large and small scale, commercial and industrial polished concrete flooring services in Florida and throughout the southeastern United States. Polished Concrete Floors, LLC specializes in the installation of beautiful, long-lasting and affordable polished concrete flooring systems for any size and any type of building.

When it comes time to do your flooring job, we have a million-dollar inventory of high-end industrial equipment to choose from, so we will always have the toughest-built, most reliable, heavy duty machinery and equipment to use for any job. With the best in equipment available and our highly certified, highly experienced crew, we bring the finest preparation techniques on every job we do and the right equipment to do it.

When you work with us, you will quickly see that with years of experience Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors is your go-to concrete and industrial flooring company in Florida and the southeast. We have proudly earned our solid reputation by hard work and by bringing military-grade quality, performance and attention to detail to every job we take. And we keep on earning it, one job at a time.

Our Work

Polished Concrete, Epoxy Flooring, Parking Deck Coatings Removal, Floor Removal, Shotblasting, Concrete Surface Prep, Concrete Grinding, Concrete Repair, Joint Reconstruction.

Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors

Polished Concrete

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Concrete Surface Prep

Our Services

Here is a look at the high-quality products and services Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors can provide for your large or small scale commercial/industrial flooring project. You can always be assured that Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors uses only top of the line, state-of-the-art equipment and preparation techniques on every job we do, as well as the highest-quality products and materials available.

Removal Of Existing Coating

Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors provides high-quality commercial and industrial coating removal services for your site, anywhere in Florida and the southeast. Our removal services include waterproof coating removal, elastomeric coating removal, VCT removal, ceramic tile removal, laminate flooring removal and more.

Demolition Of Existing Flooring

We provide complete quality flooring demolition and can remove and dispose of any existing flooring you have.

Surface Preparation and Polishing

Once your old floor is removed or the existing concrete flooring is ready, Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors provides expert resurfacing and surface preparation of existing or new concrete flooring to install the new polished concrete floor.

Concrete Polishing and Burnishing

Once the surface of the floor has been prepared, Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors is ready to polish the concrete. The process of polishing a concrete floor begins with polishing the floor with coarse metal-bond diamonds. The process of polishing with actual diamonds, the hardest substance known to man, removes even the slightest imperfections in the concrete and allows us to obtain a completely smooth, unmarked surface.

Application of Densifier and Finish Polishing

Next, a liquid densifier is then applied to the concrete, which hardens it and makes it stronger, while absorbing any dust produced during the polishing process. This is where we add any dye we will use to color the floor.

After the densifier has hardened, the floor is polished with progressively finer grit resin-bond diamonds until it develops a beautiful, brilliant shine. This is the exact process by which traditional warehouse retail floors such as Home Depot or Lowe’s are polished.

The densifier is then reapplied as many times as needed and the floor re-polished each time until the desired level of shine is achieved. Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors uses superior lithium densifying products for results of the highest level.

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Polished Concrete Floors, LLC DBA Florida Epoxy Floors is a premier provider of concrete surface preparation and polished concrete flooring solutions serving Florida and the southeast. If you have any questions or to schedule a fast, pressure-free estimate please call us now, or fill out the simple form below and one of our representatives will contact you.

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